No More Flies!

It’s a simple question, and now it has a simple answer!

How are you going to effortlessly and efficiently keep flies off your food?

The answer is: you can’t – unless you’ve got a ShooAway!

Use it Anywhere!

Regardless of the setting – be it a BBQ, a catered event, a kids’ party, or just relaxing with nibbles and a drink – ShooAway is the perfect companion.

Why not fly in the face of those cumbersome and ineffective methods we’ve all had to put up with for years – get a ShooAway, today, and enjoy fly-free dining forever!



The end of each of ShooAway’s gently rotating blades are patented holographmatic discs. This unique innovation is the key to keeping irritating flies away.

Soft-Stop Blades

The ShooAway’s soft flexible blades are rotated by an energy efficient motor that comes to a soft stop if something blocks the blades, such as your food or hand.

Chemical Free

Unlike so many other methods of controlling flies, ShooAway does not use any harmful chemicals, so is safe for use around food, drink, children and pets.

Watch ShooAway in Action!

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It really works . . .

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